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Scrap Metal Has Its Uses

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Down Structures Safely with Our Building Demolition Company in Waynesville, OH

You might have a brilliant vision for your new project, but first, you’ve got to clear a space on which to build. When your building is already in a location you love, there’s no need to move, nor should you have to conform to the limits of your existing structure. Instead, wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Make room for your new building or another construction project when you turn to Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management for your site preparation needs. At our building demolition company in Waynesville, OH, our experienced wrecking crew manually demolishes structures using heavy equipment instead of explosives to contain the destruction. Trust our trained team to clear the way for your new build by taking down your current building in a safe, effective manner.

Armed with state-of-the-art demolition equipment, we’ll demolish your residential or commercial structure safely. However, we don’t just demolish unwanted structures. We also perform commercial metal scrapping and recycling. Whether your demolition yields a great deal of scrap metal or it’s a byproduct of your work, we’ll give new life to your scraps with our metal recycling services.

Scrap metal recycling in Waynesville, OH


Sell scrap metal in Waynesville, OH

Torch Cutting

Ongoing Demolition


Family-Owned Company Committed to Excellent Service

As a third-generation company, we take a great deal of pride in what we do. With a staff that has over 40 years of experience, we know just what it takes to execute safe site demolitions and provide each customer with high-quality service. By taking a careful approach to each project we take on, we make sure that every job meets our own exceptionally high standards.

Free Up Space and Sell Your Scrap Metal

As a multifaceted, environmentally conscious demolition company, we take a responsible approach to all of our services. Through steel and scrap metal recycling, we’re able to repurpose metals and put them to use once again.

Does your work leave you with a substantial amount of scrap metal? We’re more than happy to purchase your metal scraps and take them off of your hands. When you sell your scrap metal to us, you can take pride in having disposed of your metal waste responsibly and gain something extra for it. We repurpose metal scraps from many different sources, some of which include:

  • Bridges
  • Barges
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Rails
  • Railroad Cars
  • And More

Cutting Things Down to Size

If you need your scraps cut into smaller pieces before you sell them, our professional torch cutters will cut things down to size. Part of our commercial metal scrapping services, our torch cutting work is a cut above the rest. Our trained crew uses specialized hand torches to cut any steel or stainless steel to an ideal size for recycling.

Many railroad companies, gravel pits, scrap yards, and steel mills look to our team to resize their metal waste before they sell their scrap metal to us. Should you need us to remove metal structures from inside your building, we’ll take them apart piece by piece per your request. This helps you and us from cluttering your space with unsightly metal junk.

Leaving You with a Clean Site

There’s no job too big or too small for our team. Whether we’re performing full-scale demolitions or reducing your scrap metal to a more usable size, we make it our mission to leave you a clean site that you can repurpose. We proudly offer our demolition and metal recycling services to commercial and residential clients within 450 miles of Waynesville.

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About Us

You want people who know what they are doing to perform your demolition and scrap services. We are a third-generation company with a staff that has over 40 years of experience.

At our family business, we believe in the tradition of providing the best customer service possible. Our owner or his son is always the one that visits a location and figures out what and how a job needs to be done.

Additionally, our owner or his son always manages the team that does the work. This approach to a project is how we make sure that you receive quality service, and that it is performed to our own high standards.


Thank you for your interest in our scrap metal recycling and other services. Our Waynesville, Ohio, company looks We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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