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Torch Cutting


Superior Torch Cutting in Waynesville, OH

When you have an abundance of large scrap metal objects that you are looking to cut down to size before recycling, Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management is here to for you. We offer comprehensive services for torch cutting in Waynesville, OH, and will work to cut your oversized steel scrap down to workable pieces. Typically, we will perform these services when we buy scrap metal to make it easier to transport and more workable when recycling. To learn more about our cutting services or to schedule a visit from our team, reach out to our offices.

Making Steel More Manageable

Whether you are cutting up an old shipping container or you need to remove old machinery from your manufacturing facility, our torch services are the perfect solution. Our team will use hand torches to cut both regular and stainless steel into the ideal size for recycling. This makes it easier for you to sell the scrap, which we also happen to buy. Typically, we offer these services to steel mills, scrap yards, railroad companies, and gravel pits. So, when you have a large piece of scrap material that you need cut down to size, trust our experienced and skilled torch operators to handle the work.