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Scrap Metal and Steel Recycling in Waynesville, OH

We Want Your Scrap Metal

Does your work produce a lot of scrap metal? Instead of creating an environmental issue with it, sell it to Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management in Waynesville, Ohio. Through steel recycling, we give new life to scrap metal and put it to use in beneficial ways. If you want to dispose of precious metals, we will purchase them, too.

Scrap It

Let's make a deal for your scrap metal. Our scrap management includes taking the metal off your hands and processing it for use in other ways. This approach keeps you and us from cluttering up spaces with metal junk. Types of scrap metal we buy include:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Bridges
  • Railroad Cars
  • Rails
  • Barges & More

Torch services in Waynesville, OH Metal recycling in Waynesville, OH Big Chunks of Scraps Metal Scraps Chunks of Scraps

A Cut above the Rest

Our professional torch cutters will do the job if you want to reduce the size of big pieces of metal before you sell it. Using hand torches, we cut any type of steel or stainless steel so that it is the ideal size for recycling. Our torch cutting clients include steel mills, scrap yards, railroad companies, and gravel pits. If you want to remove metal structures inside a building, we can take them apart.

Train Scraps Scraps and Ladder Large Metal Scrap Large Container Cleaning Up