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When you have a structure that has to come down, it needs to be handled correctly. That’s why it is ideal to choose the experienced team at Stansell Demolition & Scrap Management to handle the work. Our staff has more than 40 years of experience providing demolition services in Waynesville, OH, and will ensure your building is brought down safely and efficiently.

We focus our services primarily on residential and commercial deconstruction, preferring to use heavy equipment and wrecking balls rather than implosions. Additionally, our team also handles strip-outs to clear away building interiors. Contact us when you need an experienced demolition contractor to tear down your residential or commercial space.

Demolition debris removal in Waynesville, OH View of a Tower View at the Top Preparation for Demolition Professional Operator

Putting Safety First

When handling any demolition, safety always has to be the top priority to protect everyone on and around the work site for injury or harm. To accomplish this, our skilled team follows a methodical approach to every project and will work to eliminate any hazards before they become an issue.

Additionally, with any demolition debris removal, we always involve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the project. To stay in line with EPA regulations, we consistently inspect every building before demolition to ensure there are no hazardous materials such as asbestos. We will also recycle any viable materials and handle proper precious metal disposal.

Demolition Clean-up

Following the demolition or clear-out of your building, our team will take care of any debris removal to clean up the site. Our skilled technicians have the equipment needed to haul away the left-over scrap and debris from your deconstructed property. This way, your site will be left clean and ready for a new construction project or anything else you plan to use the property for.

And if you are worried about the environmental impact of the debris from your site, we have you covered. We offer complete scrap and metal recycling services to deal with debris in an ecologically sound manner. Plus, we offer payment for your unwanted scrap metal, helping to offset the costs of your demolition project. To learn more about our scrap removal and clean-up services, or to discuss your deconstruction project, reach out to our office. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with the demolition and debris removal solutions you need for your property.

Improving the Look of Your Property

In addition to providing debris removal following demolition, our team can also provide junk removal to take care of any excess scrap that is cluttering up your property. This way, you can help improve the overall look of your site.